Monday, December 14, 2009

Motivation and Encouragement for a Healthful Lifestyle

More people are conscious than ever before that staying healthy and vigorous is a matter of choice. Health depends on a variety of way of living factors including healthy eating, fitness, preventing injuries, and reducing contact with toxins and carcinogenic chemicals.

However, there is a huge difference between knowing how to remain healthy and fit and actually doing something to achieve those objectives. Many of us realize what we ought to do, but actually finding the time to do what's required is much more difficult.

One of the optimal methods to work at these goals of health and vigor is by having a partner that shares your interests. By mutually encouraging each other to keep pursuing these objectives most of us can be successful.

Health consciousness is particularly high with the baby boomers who are moving into their retirement years. With added time available to them they are increasingly taking part in healthful exercise programs and becoming more meticulous about what they consume.

Baby boomers, particularly, are aware that their best associate and encourager along these lines is their marriage partner. After going through years of trials and working things out, baby boomer families understand how to uplift each other and look out for one another. And, as they discuss health and fitness topics with one another, both partners probably discover they also have this interest in common.

Whether you are a baby boomer or not, communicate your goals for a healthier way of living with your partner. You'll probably discover that you both seek to make some alterations to help guarantee a healthier and fitter future. And, let's face it, goals like losing weight, toning up your muscles, building endurance, reducing refined carbohydrates, or consuming less fatty or manufactured foods are important lifestyle changes.

Dedicating yourself to a healthy way of living as a team means that you are not on your own. You have support and assistance for your goals. But, not only will you have backing, you'll have someone to hold you answerable to your plan when you want to eat a ton of fatty fast food or sit and stare at TV instead of going to the gym. Having a partner close by will help you avoid the temptations to stray from your healthy style of living and keep you on target toward your health objectives. Not only will your partner remind you of your objectives, but you won't want to appear to be slaking off from your objectives to your partner. That's the power of having a partner close by.

The fact is, you might feel a little guilt about what you could be accomplishing while you are going to the gym. But, after your workout you will fee invigorated and will be happy about your wise choice to abandon those other activities for some vigorous exercises.

Teamwork within your home is key if you are to eat more wholesome foods and decrease or eliminate fatty and manufactured foods. The typical American high caloric diet contains excessive fat and sugar. Teamwork is needed to allow time to make nutritious meals and stop eating fatty fast foods. When you both cut back on deserts, chips, pizza, and soda pop you will have significantly less temptations around the house to challenge your healthy eating habits. You will feel more energetic as you become more healthy and you'll feel better about yourself as you observe yourself sticking with your goals.

Selecting a healthy style of living is good for both you and your spouse. As you see each other's progress you will have a further achievement to celebrate as a successful team.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

HowEveryone Can Make The Laws of Attraction work

How well I remember the first time I viewed The Secret. As with so many others I thought 'WOW' is this really a fact? Can this work for ME?
If it really does work just think about the possibilities.
I don't think that I am so very different from other people and if you are anything like me you will have had some of the following doubts.
o Everyone say it works well for them so why isn't it doing that for me?
o I feel it working sometimes but not consistently
o Why do I find it so difficult to do regularly?
o I try and try but still it doesn't seem to work
At the risk of stating the obvious it takes time and practice before success comes. Is this not the case for all the other skills we have acquired throughout our lives?
The difficult part is retaining your focus, your confidence and determination. Just think of the most successful people in this world and how completely and clearly they saw where they wanted to be and how they refused to let setbacks get in their way. This is how they became so successful. These people would not let everyday distractions and all the negative influences that surround us every day to stop them from reaching their goal
By maintaining their 'positive mental attitude' they drove away the negative influences and guess what, they started to attract only the positive ones!
So how can you make the Law of Attraction work for you - without getting upset? How do those who successfully implement the Law of Attraction do it with such confidence and finesse?
Allow me to make three brief suggestions please. If you will use these regularly I promise you will see great improvements in no time.
1. Relax and create a receptive mind.
If you keep asking and asking over and over you are just transmitting and preventing yourself from receiving. Think of a simple two way radio that has a send and receive button. You can only receive when you take your let go of the send button. Do you see what I mean?
By all means project your messages but relax and open your mind to the positive responses that are everywhere and which you will hear when your mind is in a calm and receptive state and focussed on the positive outcomes that you seek.
2. Patience is a virtue and all things come to he who waits.
It is unreasonable to expect the results you desire overnight. By cultivating a relaxed and open mind that is focussed on the positive outcomes you want greater peace and tranquillity will pervade your thoughts and with patience these will undoubtedly bring about the changes that you want.
Too many of us give up far too quickly because of frustration and impatience. This is understandable and very human but frustration caused by impatience is counter-productive and just brings stress into our lives. It will block out those positive influences that will take us where we wish to be. So observe control and give the process time to work.
Relax and be patient, you too, are part of the universe, and you are also ruled by the laws of the universe, you cannot change the natural development time.
3. Practice and study to become proficient
If you really want to be good at something you obviously must study and practice it regularly. The Laws of Attraction are no different. To become proficient at making them work well for you it is necessary to invest time and effort. This is a major skill that you are trying to learn and it is unreasonable to think that you can become an expert after just watching one video. The Secret is great, but it is only the start and more study is essential. It was never intended to be the whole solution only an introduction.
If all that you have done so far is to watch The Secret, even if you have done so many times, then it is hardly surprising that you are not getting the results that you hoped for. The Secret is only one piece in the jigsaw so without the other pieces how can you expect to see the whole picture?
o Welcome the Laws of Attraction into your life.
o Study how to implement them in everything you do.
o Associate with other like minded positive people
While the Law of Attraction is not an overnight delivery service, it will undoubtedly deliver, if you do your part too!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Your Mind and How it Works

Your mind has two parts: the Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind. Together these two parts control all of your actions and ultimately the results you have in your life. As we explore each area of your mind, understand that while these ideas may seem simple and elementary, they have a wide reaching and profound affect on your life. They control every aspect of what makes you who you are and will continue to control everything in your life until the day you die.

The Conscious Mind

The Conscious Mind is where you do all your day to day thinking. This is where you make decisions and where you primarily operate from in normal life. When you hold a conversation or watch a t.v. program you are using your conscious mind. Both the conscious mind and the subconscious mind think in pictures. If you think about your family members a picture of them will flash on the movie screen of your conscious mind.

You also can only hold one image on the screen of your mind at a time. For example you cannot think of a red apple and an orange in detail at the same time. While you might be able to project them side by side you are not able to see the grain in the skin of the apple or the dimples in the peel of the orange at the same time.

This ultimately means that you cannot think of a negative idea and a positive idea at the same time. While your mind might be able to flip back and forth between negative and positive ideas or images very rapidly, it is not able to hold those two images at the same time.

The Subconscious Mind

Most people would think that the Conscious Mind controls the Subconscious Mind, but this is not so. The Subconscious Mind is the real mover and shaker in our lives. The Subconscious Mind stores all our beliefs about who we are, what we are capable of, what we are not capable of and every other detail we believe to be true about the world. We can refer to the Subconscious Mind as the emotional mind.

The subconscious mind operates in the background of your life and while you sleep. Dreams are a product of your subconscious mind. You can think of the subconscious mind as a computer program running without your help at all times. An example of this would be when you have suddenly realized that you have not been paying attention while driving and you are almost home from work.

The entire drive to and from work is a program that you have put into your subconscious mind through repetition. Your driving is almost automatic and takes very little thinking on your part. In fact without consciously thinking about going to the store when driving that pathway you will drive straight home. Your programming will take over and you will "forget" to go to the store unless you hold the image of the store at the forefront of your mind when driving home.

To convert the things you want in your life to reality you must understand how to use both your conscious and sub-conscious mind. By continually thinking about the good things you want and visualizing these images you will impress them on your subconscious mind. Over time your actions will change and you will start to move the things you want into your reality.
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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cosmic Ordering Demystified For Beginners

The secret of cosmic ordering for beginners is not all that hard to understand. Cosmic Ordering is a technique that gives you what you want from anywhere in the world. That's as fantastic as it sounds and New Age theorists assert that it's equally easy to understand. They say the Universe is a genial being that wants to actually help every human being fulfill all his desires and needs. So, if you know how to ask of the Universe and you know what to ask for, you are sure to have it!

Cosmic Ordering is not just a metaphysical or esoteric concept. New Age theorists say the scientific processes behind Cosmic Ordering are easy to understand. Since the world around us is influence and altered by electro-magnetic signals, any individual who knows how to send the right kind of signals will be able to effectively influence reality around him. Moreover, no other tools are needed for sending these signals because our thoughts give out electrical signals and our emotions give out magnetic signals. The key is in harnessing them together for your Cosmic Ordering.

It is vital that you know what you want deep in your heart. If your desires are the product of someone else's wishes then your Cosmic Ordering is unlikely to work as it will not fuel your emotions to the degree required. You must be able to feel passionately about what you want whether it is a product or event.

Imagination - Cosmic Ordering depends a lot on how well you can imagine possessing something and actually feeling the excitement and joy of having that thing even if you don't. If you want a brand new car can you dream and imagine it exactly as if it were there? Can you feel the car standing in your garage or can you feel the joy of cleaning and washing it? This imagination is one of the steps of Cosmic Ordering.

The final step in Cosmic Ordering is to tell the Universe with your heart and mind that this is the thing you want and then you forget about it. It's just like placing a mail order. You tick the box next to the product in an order form, attach the payment and post the envelope. Then, you forget about the order and get on with your day. Eventually, your package arrives. The same happens with Cosmic Ordering. The Law of Attraction differs on this aspect with Cosmic Ordering though both methods are based on the same genre of New Age thinking. In the Law of Attraction you need to imagine the product that you want day after day. In Cosmic Ordering you do it once and it comes to you in through some synchronous events.
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Assume Self Improvements Directly From Your Woodstock Exercise Boot Camp

Alright folks, it's time to shape up. Seriously, it's time to quit making excuses and get your body in the best shape possible. When you are up to the challenge, there's a Woodstock boot camp workout waiting to make it happen. Get ready to shop for a whole new wardrobe; your old clothes are going to be way too big. Boot camps are the perfect way to get your body into peak shape.
If you've been making excuses for your extra weight but secretly want to make a change that everyone will notice, you need to get some motivation into a boot camp exercises. It's easy to fall into a slump and a cycle of bad habits that will lead to more weight gain and poor overall health. It's cheaper and easier to continue on the path you've been on, or so you think.
If you don't, you'll learn ways to actually use your own body to produce resistance. This will allow you to get a great work out, anytime, anywhere. Never worry about relying on exercise machines again to get you in top shape. It's always a good idea to belong to a fitness club but you'll learn much more about proper exercise through your boot camp.
It's very common for boot camp first timers to get discouraged after the very first class. If you're expecting this to be a cake walk, you'll be sadly mistaken. The lack of actions has gotten you to your current health. It's going to take some hard work to get yourself into shape but don't lose hope, you are going to love the results when you've completed the course.
Each day, you'll greet dawn with a smile, knowing that you're involved in a major transformation. From head to toe, you'll find new muscle groups you may not have known existed. Just imagine yourself a few weeks from now, fit, tone and looking fabulous. Your Woodstock boot camp classes will be lively. Expect high energy and rapid progression each day.
Your boot camp instructor will teach you not just about working out and getting stronger but about eating, drinking and living right, as well. Your body will thank you later when you stop putting over processed foods and drinks into it. You can't imagine how great you can feel, wiping out the bad foods you usually eat.
Getting in shape encompasses much more than just a hard, daily work out. You will change your frame of mind when you start getting all of the toxins out of your system with your great new fitness and nutrition plan. A new you is right around the corner.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

What Is Personal Development?

Personal development is all about change, an over arching term that includes many different approaches to self-improvement.
Personal development in its largest context could include anything that involves personal growth on all levels, meaning physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Exploring personal development takes a willingness to look at ourselves with extreme honesty and examine ways we want to change and improve.
Investigating our pain where we are not our best takes bravery. It might be hard at first to face the reality of our weaknesses, but this ability to be self reflective makes our lives easier in the long run. Out of this process we change and develop into being a better friend, better life partner, better employee, better boss, better entrepreneur, etc. We can have more peace and happiness in our lives. This process helps us create an easier life with less suffering for ourselves, others and the planet.
personal development can be thought of as a comprehensive exploration using a number of methods, approaches, and theories. It explores the issues surrounding our childhood development and examines personal power and identity. This psychological viewpoint would involve the development of what we call the ego. When we are developing this personal dimension of our being, it could be said that we are refining our egos.
Many of us are drawn to personal development because of some sort of suffering. Experiences like anxiety, depression, grief, divorce, difficult relationships, parenting conflicts, career challenges, health problems and other common human struggles help us decide to pursue a resolution. Exploring these struggles often involves getting to better know our internal thoughts and feelings. As we work with the difficult issues that arise we can work towards integrating and transforming these difficulties into pathways of healing. We can even start to see these problems as our teachers or as opportunities. Instead of avoiding our difficult issues, we can use them as guides to our wholeness and happiness. This empowers and helps bring us to our deepest potential. Learning from the journey and integrating these difficult parts takes us closer to living our lives to the fullest, therefore connecting us to our true selves. We are able to then live a more balanced and harmonious life.
Personal growth and development take work and concentration and yet it is worth every bit of effort. Some ways to help in our journey of personal development are psychotherapy, life coaching, self-help books, group therapy, 12 step programs, meditation, and journaling, along with self-improvement workshops and seminars. Psychotherapy is a great personal development tool. It is one of the fastest, most direct ways of working on personal issues and the ego.
The difficult parts of our personality and the wounded aspects of our ego cause us to be preoccupied with nonproductive sabotaging thoughts and feelings that don't allow us to relax. Ego could be defined as our conscious mind or our conscious experience of our own identity. When we've integrated these painful parts of ourselves or painful parts of our ego enough, we are able to relax, sink down and live from more of our greatness. Sinking down into our greatness allows us to go beyond the ego into a larger context that contains all aspects of who we are, including our ego, body and our spirit. The more refined, healed and integrated we become, the easier it is to find and stabilize that deeper, higher, larger connection. One could call this larger connection a spiritual connection with God, Wholeness, Ultimate Reality, Christ Consciousness, All That Is or the ultimate Truth from your spiritual tradition. It is these uncomfortable personal issues that keep us blocked from opening to the grace and wholeness that is always available to us.
In spiritual circles, we often hear that the goal is to "get rid of the ego." In my experience, that usually doesn't work well as a goal. To have the fullness of what is possible we don't want to bypass or get rid of the ego. People usually find that the unhealed ego just runs the show behind the scenes. A wounded, tense ego is always worried and trying to position itself to be better than everyone else. We believe we have to be better to survive. The wounded ego is also continuously fearful and works to protect the self from the outside world. Conversely, a healthy ego is what keeps us grounded in the world and allows us to be able to function well every day and build a richer life.
When we have a more healed ego, life feels easier and we don't experience extreme ups and downs. This allows us to grow into who we came to be. This encourages the unveiling of our deeper wisdom, inner mystic and inner guidance. We feel more in harmony with all of life. A relaxed ego can be flexible and is not preoccupied with itself. Therefore, we can be self reflexive rather than self conscious and always concerned with how we are doing. A relaxed or healed ego can move well through life. The person with a relaxed ego is able to find his or her place in the world. From this more healed state and in our own unique way, we can take appropriate actions to help ourselves, others and the planet. Isn't that worth taking the pathway to healing?

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